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Booty Master Class




9 Hours

Learn advanced techniques for non-surgical Booty Enhancements. This course includes theory and hands-on training to safely inject popular FDA approved injectable products: Renuva, Sculptra and Radiesse to plump and elevate the buttocks creating a lift and smoothening the skin.

About the Course



Pre-Requisite: Beginner/Advanced Dermal Filler Certified

Learn advanced techniques for non-surgical Booty Enhancements. This hands-on course teaches aesthetic injection professionals the theory and knowledge to safely inject popular FDA approved aesthetic injectable products: Sculptra and Radiesse. You can expect our Booty Masterclass to provide educational didactic learning and extensive hands-on sessions in our Houston clinic, as well as locations in Arlington and San Antonio with live practice models.

The Booty Masterclass training course has a maximum of 8 attendees. This intimate course setting allows the instructor to spend individualized time with each attendee.

Sculptra® is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid that helps replace the lost collagen in the skin and can help stimulate the gradual restoration of the collagen framework. Sculptra works by stimulating the body's natural collagen production. Collagen is a fibrous protein that gives support to the structure of the skin. Collagen also supports hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin to retain moisture, and elastin, that helps to maintain firm, tight skin.

  • Sculptra can be safely injected into the buttocks to enhance your curves and provide more volume – without the need for extensive surgery! This is a great option to get a rounder, fuller bum with little-to-no downtime.

Radiesse is the first and only Calcium hydroxylapatite, or CaHA injectable treatment (also known as a calcium-based dermal filler) available in the US. It is the only CaHA based filler that provides both immediate, natural-looking results and long-term improvement. Radiesse is used in the buttocks to help kickstart collagen production in the treated area. Generally, the results of the treatment appear almost instantly, and since Radiesse is a biostimulant, it promotes collagen production over time to keep the results going.

  • Radiesse also promotes neo-collagenesis to plump and elevate the buttocks creating a lift and smoothening the skin! This treatment provides immediate results and metabolizes over time, lasting up to 2 years.

More of a visual learner? Use this chart below to compare each product for booty enhancements. We also teach how to cocktail the product to create the best results!






What is it made of?

Polylactic Acid

Calcium Hydroxylapatite

How does it work?

Sculptra promotes collagen growth in the treated area which increases volume

Radiesse fills in the treated area and promotes collagen growth to fill in hollows and increase volume

Best used for:

Adding volume, improving hip dips, enhancing skin quality

Adding volume, correcting cellulite dimpling, and improving hip dips

What is the downtime?

None, massage treated area for 5 days, 5x a day for 5 minutes


How long until I see results?

Visible in 3-6 months as collagen production increases

Results will be present immediately, more fullness appears over 2-3 months

How long do results last?

3-5 years, depending on metabolism

Up to 2 years, depending on metabolism

Class Overview:

  • Theory & Didactic Training

  • Product Education

  • Prepping & Reconstitution

  • Cocktail Preparation

  • Marking & Injecting

  • Equipment Overview

  • Injection Techniques

  • Contouring and Lifting

  • Indications and Contraindications

  • Complication management

  • Comprehensive hands-on training with live models

  • On-going student support via text or messenger

  • Certificate at the completion

Training Includes:

  • Live Demonstrations

  • Hands-on Practice with Models


Per TX State Code 193.17. The state of Texas does not require any person practicing non-invasive cosmetic treatments to hold any medical licensure or have a medical background, however the state does require all practicing aesthetics injectors to work under the direct supervision of a licensed Texas medical director. Ageless Aesthetics Academy offers medical director collaboration for our students should they need a medical director for compliance. However, it is the students responsibility to know, research and understand Texas state laws and regulations in regards to the practice of medicine. Ageless Aesthetics Academy is not liable for any misinformation or for any students who choose to practice without following laws and regulations.

If you are traveling from another state to attend our training, please contact your local legislation to learn the laws and regulation in your state in regards to practicing medical aesthetics services.


A 50% deposit is required at time of booking which can be paid via our online booking system with an administrator (855) 503-1900.

  • Rescheduling of a class, AAA must be notified by email or text at least 14 business days prior to scheduled class.

  • Limited to 1 class reschedule per deposit.

  • Class deposits are non-refundable.

Your Instructor

Jamie Wright

Jamie Wright

Ageless Aesthetics Academy was founded and owned by Certified Master Aesthetics Injector & Accredited Trainer Jamie Wright, who has extensive experience and knowledge in the medical and non-medical aesthetic training industry. It is her goal to provide you with the materials and support you need in selecting a training academy, meeting your business goals, and understanding your state’s rules and regulations when it comes to medical and non-medical aesthetic procedures.

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