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  • What qualifications do students need to attend classes?
    Our programs caters to both beginners and those looking to advance their skills both medical and non-medical professionals. Per TX State Code 193.17. The state of Texas doesn’t require Aesthetic Injectors to hold any nursing or medical license but does require medical director oversight. We provide our students with medical director starting at $299 per month and a recommended compliance team to set up your injector business per regulatory requirements.
  • What locations are your trainings held?
    We are based in Houston and travel to Arlington and San Antonio once per month to hold training classes.
  • Do you provide a medical director after training?
    Upon completion of training, we provide a medical director for out students at a rate of $299 per month which covers neurotoxins, dermal fillers and lipolytic. For students needing coverage for PDO Threads and Medical Weight Loss there is an additional fee to cover these services.
  • How many students are enrolled in each class?
    We have a maximum of 8 students per class.
  • Do you supply the models and products for training?
    Yes, AAA supplies all models and FDA approved products during training classes. If you know of someone who would like to be a model, please have them fill out our model inquiry form here:
  • How many live models do the students practice on?
    Number of models depends on the number of students enrolled, averaging 12-25 models per class.
  • What is the dress code for class?
    We prefer our student come in scrubs as we are treating real patients in a clinical setting.
  • Do I need to bring anything to class?
    You do not need to bring anything to class however, you are more than welcome to bring a notepad, pen or laptop to take notes.
  • How do I become a practice model?
    If you are interested in any of our class model services, please fill out our model inquiry form here:
  • What are the qualifications to be a practice model?
    No Recent Work: You should not have had dermal filler, neurotoxins or Sculptra treatments in the area you wish to treat in the last four months, unless approved by the academy. If you’re modeling for PDO threads, you shouldn’t have had any done in last 12 months. Models should also not have a history of diabetes and keloid scarring. In Good Health: Having active infections or illnesses that requires antibiotics can put yourself, our trainers and our students at risk, so we ask that you wait until you’re in better health to model with us. While you may not experience complications on the day of your treatment, we want to minimize any possible risks to your health — especially those that may occur after you have left, where we cannot immediately attend to you. No Breastfeeding or Pregnant: We want to minimize any potential risks to you and your baby, and for this reason we do not encourage pregnant or breastfeeding women to model for us. Risks of certain injuries increase when pregnant, and we recommend you have switched your infant to formula or have weaned them if you wish to model for us. No Recent Dental Work or Abscesses: Please do not undergo dental work for the four weeks prior and following your treatment. Not only can dental work change the shape of your face, but it can also cause certain complications to arise that we wish to avoid. Additionally, dental abscesses are a contraindication. Avoid Blood Thinners: To prevent excessive bleeding and avoid potential complications, we also require that you do not take blood thinners within seven days of your treatment. We value your safety, and certain products have contraindications with blood thinners, and we wish to avoid any potential interactions. No Active HSV Outbreak: For the health and safety of you, our trainers, and our students, we require that you don’t have an active outbreak of herpes simplex viruses in the treatment area at the time of modeling. Not only can fillers and other injectables interact negatively with medications, but they can also cause complications when performing the procedure. No Alcohol Beforehand: We require that you do not consume alcohol within 24 hours of your treatment. Alcohol can interfere with many of our products and create a greater risk of injury. Eat Food Prior: Please eat something before your arrival to prevent low blood sugar during and to ensure that you’re comfortable and at-ease throughout the treatment. Low blood sugar can cause you to feel dizziness and other issues like lightheadedness and fainting.
  • What is a Good Faith Examination (GFE)?
    A Good Faith Exam (GFE) refers to a mandatory assessment or examination of a patient by a qualified medical practitioner before certain medical procedures can be performed. This is to ensure that the procedure is appropriate and safe for the patient. GFE are required by Texas regulatory med spa practices. This is required to be completed annually on all models. We provide the instructions and links for models to complete prior to their appointment. Fee is $15 annually to participate in our model program.
  • What locations do you need models?
    We are based in Houston and travel to Arlington and San Antonio once per month to hold training classes.
  • What is the fee to be a model?
    Models pay on average 50% less for services compared to retails prices in exchange for allowing our students to get the best hands-on training as possible.
  • What products do you use?
    We use FDA approved product only. Dermal Fillers: Restylane, Versa, RHA & Radiesse Neurotoxins: Botox, Xeomin & Dysport PDO Threads: MINT Lipolytics: PCDC Collagen Biofiller: Sculptra
  • Who is performing the services?
    Our students are performing the services on models during our live hands-on training. Our students are closely monitored by our Master Injector & Trainer to ensure we are delivering the safest treatments as possible.
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